Taking A Stand

When you see things clearly you understand, you must sometimes make a stand
When things around you change you realize you must rearrange
Why do others find this strange?

In life as in work things change
Sometimes for the better, sometimes worse
Often you think of it as a curse

Imagine for a minute if things stayed the same
Remained constant never rearranging day after day
Month after month, year after year just staying the same
Would this not kill the game?

The beauty in life is the changes that come and go
It’s often like the seasons changing
It allows us to grow be stronger
Inspiring us to develop with a desire to want to live longer

For today I see and now I decree
From this day forth I make my stand
To live my life as if I were in a band
Play music freely, sweetly and completely

To live life deeply and sing songs of living
With a heart so full of desire to give
Life will never again be the same
I will remain

by Craig Piercy

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