Taking Backward Moves To Make Excuses

There is no hidden desire I have,
To know what it is you think.
Or had thought!
Or the process used by you,
To generate comprehension.
I am not in doubt nor do I have questions.

I will mention this for updating purposes...
Your beliefs,
Are clearly observed.
With your thoughts about yourself,
And environment not kept secret.
They surround you exposed like a bad habit.

And I know the difficulty of confronting issues,
After years of dealing with denial and addictions.
And being baited to debate the obvious,
With you or anyone else...
Would not do justice,
To a consciousness I've earned while yearning.

I've already learned the expense of my own ignorance.
Why should I reminisce in a wallowing away in visit with you?
To who's benefit would that foolishness prove?
That is not a request for a response from you.
I think you perceive me as vulnerable!

I have chosen to move forward.
Taking backward moves to make excuses,
Are not, is not and will not be...
On my agenda!
To prove I can make mistakes...?
I've done!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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