Taking Charge

Silent hopelessness sits in many people, as they wait like
cattle in pens, trying to apply for food stamps and AHCCCS.

Giving up their self-esteem and pride, answering private
questions required to apply.

Waiting for hours to be seen, only to be told appointments
will be given for later dates, to come back and wait some

Then they will let people know eventually if they qualify
or not.

Making American citizens beg like paupers, jump through
the hoops, yet illegals get everything handed to them free
without having to go through any of it!

It is our taxpayer's money that we Americans have worked
hard for that they are stealing from us.

We the people must revolt and take our country back from
the ones who think they are better than us - yet are
actually the only infidels in existence.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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