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To Be Christian
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

To Be Christian

To be Christian is many things but religious,
It’s to live and not to exist,
It’s to wake up in the mornings without worries because your warrior, Christ, is in control
It’s to associate with no fear, save for the fear of the Lord
It’s to believe Him and in Him beyond doubt because He is beyond everything, Meaning, nothing is beyond Him
Not that sickness or weakness, not those dead lined debts.
It’s to smile even amid the sky-rocketing inflation because you have Him, and so you know the wonder of His wisdom.

For to be Christian, is a lifestyle.
A style of life that keeps you extra-ordinarily young.
Young at heart and mind, young at body and soul
It’s to let His glory shine upon you as you grow not from grass to grace, but from grace to grace.
It’s to understand and personalize our titles as everlasting sons in the everlasting Kingdom.
It’s to be sure that even if and when the enemy brings it on, Christ has already won.

To be Christian, is to submit.
It’s to fall at His feet with willing hearts so He may use our features for His glory
It’s to obey protocol as ordained by Him be it wives to their husbands as unto the Lord, whilst men reciprocating with their undying love,
Or congregation under elders under visionary father under Christ, the author and finisher of our faith,
It’s to behold the ironical beauty of salvation as brought about by His ugly death on Calvary’s cross
It’s to prove our obedience to Him more in private than in Public
It’s simply, to love Him thereby forgiving others just as He has forgiven us

Now, to be Christian, is the definitive test of life,
It’s a victor’s ultimate experience and not a victim’s narrow escape
Its service and not survival
Its fellowship with orphans and widows
Vigilance against the enemy
Courage in the face of persecution, and hope where others are hopeless
Its faith, in whatever state things are for its been tried and tested;
That it all worketh for the good of them that believes in Him, those called to walk according to His purpose.

So to be Christian, is to understand powers in their different contexts
It’s to understand the power of Christ and trust HIM
The power in prayer and call upon Him,
The power in His word and delight in it
And the power in sharing, and share the word as well

It’s to understand the power in gathering and esteem it,
The power in tithing and obey it,
The power in thanks-giving and appreciate even for it,
And finally, the power of love, and make love your master.
For to love Him, to walk in His Steps, to do the things He would have done
Being Christ-like, is to be Christian.

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