(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Taking Everything [rev]

I feel so sorry for our sleepy International Relations Minister
Mme Doo-Dah-Head-Hole-MaitenNkoana Mashanbanebane:
colleague Lola was so lucky, when she & her African friends
carried water on their heads they first placed a scarf, turban
or hijab, or whatever you want to call it, around their heads,
and made an indent so the container was secure - and they
developed strong backs & were filled with joie de vivre

Colleague Lola was surprised to read Mme Doo-Dah-Head-
Hole carried water without this covering, arousing suspicion
she'd never carried water on her head - evidence indicates
NJET: well, I also have a hole in my head, th' metaphorical
Black Hole of Quantum Physics even sucking in light - and
nothing resurfacing, until strange currents force something
to my mind's surface again - OH, but poor Mme Doo-Dah

Head-Hole oe-là là, I know just how she feels after her talk
on Al Jazeerah, suffered pain in her youth while the reporter
from Azania interrogated her on serious Ministerial matters
which Mme Doo-Dah isn't authorised to talk about - they're
hush-hush government secrets - & a super-clever, slippery
Houdini of Azania lauded for his ability to wriggle out of any
situation - leads the way; the country's blessed

It were best to listen to Zuma's praise singers swelling their
chests raising up Azania's Prez - & Africa to be stripped of
Western universities and returned to pre-industrial nomadic
existences, footloose and fancy-free hunter-gatherers; thus
intruding Europeans to be shipped to overcrowded Europe
to be relief workers, taking hated Western technology and
religions with them - and shamanism, fore-father-cults and

Witch-doctors can return to nature-hallowing paganism &
pre-Christian freedom from evil of false human rights with
its very unacceptable obligations & morality; corruption is
unknown in Africa & ethics represent a non-existent creed
not tolerated in the beauty of exploiting underlings - given
exploitation's also unknown in Azania: with Minister Doo-
Dah-Head-Hole in control & Prez Houdini slipping out of

Every bind, even the Deepest Storms of Bubble-Trouble;
Azania's free to pursue the policy of this self-servicing,
laughing Zulu King - taking everything…

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