Taking Grapes Off The Vine

From abstract to prose depictions,
Live we do to describe our lives.
Whether done on canvas to paint.
Or with words to write to invite opinions.
What is direct and effective to say,
May offend those who live...
Portraying themselves righteous,
With this displayed in a public way.

Sensitive people wishing to censor,
A reality of life they prefer not to face...
Are the ones most limited in experiences.
And they seem to be the ones,
Behind conflicts started that have begun.
To ensure comprehension and progress isn't done.

'Killing others is okay and accepted today.
Some acts not to mention without consent given...
Are more offensive than the dropping of bombs,
On those innocent.
With a doing of it to protect kept interests.'

~Excuse me.
I understand all of that; there is no need to explain.
But I just heard of a man taking grapes off the vine.
Taking them by force and disregarding a consent,
Heard to mention or given to him admitted.~

'No? '

But not one word of it are you to say.
Or you will be the one censored by the others.
Grapes to take off the vine,
And without consent...
Around here is considered offensive.~

It is a part of life that occurs and happens.'

~It's to happen but not to be mentioned.~

'Facts happen.'

~Not where delusions are preferred.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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