Taking Loads Off Their Backs

This may be your yesterday,
Delayed with promises again to make.
With habits stated you need to break.
Dragging behind you conflicts
And arriving much too late...
For sympathies you wish to bait.
This is not that time for that.
Today people are taking loads off their backs.
Carrying sacks of baggage and issues to share...
Wont give you the empathy,
From those awakening to their own reality.
This may be your yesterday.
With a staleness you wish now to breathe.
But that isn't acceptable now and/or tomorrow!
Since yesterdays like those you bear...
Should be dropped and from them you should leave.
These are not those times anymore!
New doors have been opened.
And seeking those to help you grieve...
Will not find a warm reception.
Not here!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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