Taking Responsibility

There are times when minds,
Are kept purposely unconscious...
Or enforced to remain consciously limited,
In many urban environments...
Where most people are left to believe,
That expressing a disrespecting youthfulness...
Is a thing done to do as a choice to choose.
And this reflected to expect,
Disregards anyone who has accepted maturity.
To diminish the exposing of it as not accepted to respect.

Since those who have progressed to accept steps to mature,
Are not often seen to witness a tolerating of childishness.
Not if the doing means being in the midst of stupidity.
It directed to demean a standard one has valued,
To keep...
Regardless of who becomes offended by one's belief,
That becoming an adult comes with taking responsibility...
For one's actions to admit.
Although the doing of this so many make attempts to avoid.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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