My African Violet

My African Violet
That sits contented on my top desk shelf
Withstanding dusting cigarettes by the dozens,
The unwanted direct sun light of the morning,
And the waves rippling between and through my walls
Nights she watches me imbibe and describe
My African Violet
And years of thoughtful life to relative strangers
Watered... 'My God! '.... Yes watered
By time and scientificaly advanced pottery
My African Violet
You stay alive
Somedays, suprisingly, most days,
You thrive - leaves spread firm and wide.
Nights, happily menacing nights like these,
Thirstily frowning slight
My African Violet
By months of ignorant procrastination
Sweetly and sadly you call to me
Interupting my mad speeches
And vile attempts at wisdom
I quench you, i drench you
Filling your world-house of clay
Tomorrow in the indirect light of the afternoon
And the cloud of stale tobacco air
You as I will straighten our arms
Dirty and satisfied
We will happily, without serious complaint
Survive, indefinetly
My African Violet

by Vincent Cibelli

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