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Taking Responsibility Others Refuse
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Taking Responsibility Others Refuse

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

So many still remain to be accused,
For taking responsibility others refuse...
With a blaming them of making wrong decisions.
As those who do this,
Keep their popularity to be liked...
Inspite of proving themselves to be incompetent.
And the making of those 'wrong' decisions made?
No one comes forward to admit,
From them they did not receive some benefit.

'He always does things his way.
She always does things her way.
They always do things their way.'

~And you? ~

'I'm always accused of procrastinating.
I'm always accused of confusing the issues.
I'm always accused of not knowing what to do.'

~And these accusations are not true? ~

'Those I've spent time to convince of my innocence,
I can rely to come to my defense.
Anytime I tell them I've been victimized unjustly.'

~So what have you done to prove it? '

'The ones who know me best,
Are familiar with my intentions.
And my intentions need not to be proven.
Since I 'always' rely on others to give their opinions.'

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