JE (08.05.1990 / )

Taking Revenge

I could've had all I ever wanted
You would've stayed my friend
But I didn't want to bully
That's how our friendship did end

But I've got no regrets
I don't want to be a prick
I get no kick out of hurting others
I'm not that sick

So I made my decision
and turned my back on you
You found another fool
and made my life bloody hell to go through

I was a rather good victim
for I never fought back
I tried to get invisible
There were too many things I lacked

But now the tables will turn
I'm rising from the flames
to get the revenge I'm longing for
I'll make you take the blame

In the shadows is where I'll be
I feed of your screams
You never can hide yourself from me
'cause I'll even be in your dreams

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Comments (5)

really good poem 10 out of 10 well done
good for u girl nice work.i love the poemcoz it seems out of a personal experience
talking of taking revenge...well, nice for the read, Jools...but it appears to be your only turned your back on... so where does the revenge come in here? laugh it away, young friend... a well written poem, of course...every word there carries lot of emotions...lot of pains...10
Oh god, do you mean I need to go deeper into hiding? (ha ha, joke) ..
Nobody wins in a battle of is just a selfish and egoistic pride that wins over a battle of childish retribution.