Taking Tasks To Tackle

A taking tasks to tackle,
With a rushing them through...
Can make more mistakes one makes.
To have one discover,
Other tasks have been added...
To correct with tears to shed too.
Learning to be detailed,
Can save one from nibbling...
On what's left of their fingernails.

Many face such obstacles,
To moan them nonstop.
With a doing to believe what is done they do,
Others don't go through the same process too.
Then with a putting chips on their shoulders,
Daring them to be knocked...
These same people are heard complaining,
About the unlucky lives they've got.

Obstacles to face and have removed,
Requires faith to keep.
And not a bemoaning them,
As is often so many do to choose.
With a hesitating to procrastinate,
In the hopes the doing so...
Will provide more comfort,
In the wearing of one's...
Already seldom used shoes.

'Are your shoes new?


'They look as if they have never been worn.'

Obstacles to face and have removed,
May require even sweating,
With less sleep to get too.
Since a taking tasks to tackle,
Is a personal obligation no one should expect...
A crew of people to come to one's rescue,
And equipped with a hammock.
To allow them to rest while others suggest,
How one should tackle their tasks to remove...
As one supervises from a hammock,
Approving suggestions.
And who best can do them too.

These suggestions we make,
Are for 'you'.'

~I understand that and I like them.
I approve. I approve.
Trust me.
I will not interfere.~

'These are 'your' tasks.'

~And I have approved your suggestions,
To get them done.
Okay. I get it. Permission granted.
I am not going to interfere.
How many times should I say that?
You've made it clear...
Taking tasks to tackle is your thing.
What is the problem?
Can someone pour me more tea, please.~

'WHAT? '

T with an E and an A.
What is going on here?
Good grief.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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