DLK ( / Rotorua New Zealand)

Taking The Long View

One day we will stand
Having run, and striven and fought
We've seen all that we planned
Quickly come to nought

But then, ah yes, we'll know
It wasn't doomed at all
There are reasons this and that were so
We didn't always fall

But isn't the wait all too much, sometimes?

by Deborah Loraine Kean

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Comments (3)

there are things that are worth the wait, just as an enlightenment that come without advance notice............. good poem. read my poem called Long or Short...
Well taking the long view I read 'American Emmpire' well reread in fact and then read this and thaught yes I like this good work and esp like the last line.
Like this... an untrendy Victorian theme given wry modern treatment. And oh yeah, it does ring true.