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Taking Time To Look Around

It's Thursday.
You decided you want to go for a walk,
So you headed town.
You're walking on the streets full of people.
It's a beautiful sunny day.
The sky is blue, the grass is green.
People are walking next to you.
You stop.
You sit down on a bench of a bus stop.
You look around.
And you're amazed by all the things you see.
There is absolutely one things you're thinking about now,
It's just you, and the rest of the world.
No problems, no job, no stress.
You look to the right, and you see a woman, walking hand in hand with his little kid.
They are headed home after they were shopping.
You can tell the mom is happy, she has the most beautiful smile on her face.
You can also tell she's tired.She has wrinkles.
The kid is well dressed, she takes good care of him.
You can also see the kid adores his mother.He can't stop looking at her.
He askes the most silly questions, just to hear her talk.
So he can feel safe, that her mother is there.
They pass.
Next, you see a dog walking down, with his owner.
The dog is really big, and you can tell that the owner is taking good care of him.
You can also tell he's well trained.
The owner speaks to his dog in a weird language.
You don't understand it.
You just know that the dog is listening to him.
The bus came.People are trying to get on the bus.
They aren't really nice one to another.
The bus leaves.
You observe an old lady coming towards you.
You can see she is really old,
She barely has grey hair.
Her clothes are really dirty.
You feel sorry for her.
You can see that she hasn't had a proper meal for years.
She has beautiful, baby blue eyes.
You can see her kindness in them.
While she is getting closer, she smiles.
A tear streams from your eyes
You wish you could help her with something.
You smile back.
She suddenly disappears.
But her face is something you're not going to forget.

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