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Tale Of A Crescent Moon

Sequel to the
Story of two stars…
The weather is chilly, while the moon stands incomplete; appearing much less audacious really, for its other half is entirely obsolete. Unfettered by the mirror reflections of its void, it still stands for broken mirrors can not reflect its sorrow; yet deep to the coal of its very existence lies nothing but hollow and unabashed by this so clandestine truth it'll still endeavor to glow in the dark, neglecting the very fact that unravels its once so mysterious ennui, now brought to light and in reality it is but one half of what was so bodacious and complete. On a lonely night, with a gentle breeze brushing through the leaves of tall trees; it shall surface past thick clouds, beyond the dense sky trynna pour out light; look closely beyond its smile shape for this crescent moon is but the remnant of a once so gracious enamor; it is what was left of a strong cosmic collision that once caused the universe to tremble; so careful not to misjudge this smile, for this goes beyond a mere tale of a crescent moon…
The birds don't sing anymore, while the Hyenas no longer laugh; it was a tale of two stars that fell apart like autumn leaves and now the light poured is never quite enough, because the other part of the moon branched off like a broken tree to render this once complete moon into half and now everybody wonders when this other part shall return; while the uneducated professor yells never and the educated fool chooses to await its return if it takes forever; causing an inexplicable oxymoron; for this is a tale of lost love and not just merely of celestial profundity. See! Because on this darkened night, the moon's better half was lost and so was the love with which it did boast; causing tremendous sorrow for which this crescent moon was but the host. A cold wind blows in this lonely night; while the two stars in attendance drift even further apart; maybe they never did quite belong to the same galaxy. Howbeit, they glowed brighter alongside each other and like a security at a Samsung mobile store, they too were but the guardians of this galaxy, but time drew them apart; while the moon lost its veracity and this half sits still for whence its better half shall return and balance, this celestial paradox shall regain…

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