Tale Of Suffering....2....Spirituality

Poem By LOUHOJONG mora nodi

tale of sufferings...
it is called spiritualiTy..
he who has begun to correct himself has already begun not to criticize others...
the path is at first smooth but after some stages it is slippery...
thats why you need a man who has already corrected Himself
he DIRECTLY gets help from the mASTER of All QULITIES
...when a sadhu who is trying to correct his NAFs can challenge the air water or fire...
why the BEST Ummah can't much more than a SADHU? ?
i say yes there is much more than that! !
but alas we think that only namaz roza hajj zakat is eNOUGH! !
After Farj IBADAT..
but ur FARJ is not Correct as u have not Cleaned ur Baatin/ inner self...

ta ba conta.....

MORANODi@madman's Tales 2

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