Talent That Is Given

Would you ask a mason,
To build you a home?
Because it appears...
He enjoys laying bricks.

Would you ask an architect,
To design it for you...
Without a thought of paying for it.

Would you ask someone to 'act' for you?
Because that's what you know they do.
And acting seems easy too?
That's what many people think.
Until they discover each would printed...
Has to be absorbed into the brain to sink.
Without pauses or thoughts to make one blink.
If that is not in the script!

And what would you get from that?
A satisfaction you believe,
Others are wishing to supply?
Or are you just a dreamer?
Thinking what seems easy for others...
So you also wish to give that a try!

Just because one does what one enjoys...
Does not mean it comes easy.
Maybe for them it does.
Because that's what they wish to do.
Like some folks climb mountains.
While others jump from planes...
Using a parachute.

Or perhaps you believe it takes less work
To get what you observe,
Whatever it is.
You believe for you will be equal fun.

Let me say this!
If something done appears easy.
And it has a quality.
Someone has taken hours, years...
And maybe a lifetime to perfect it.
And a talent that is given...
Does not diminish the time one gives to it.
WORK is involved!
With a concentrated effort.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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