Little Fish

Let us go my Little Fish,
It is time to make your wish,
I think that you should travel light,
Now blink your eyes to take your flight,

Far beyond your hopes and dreams,
To places that you've never seen,
Of purple rivers and orange snow,
Where animals talk and candy grows,

Look that way, you'll see the sun,
I hope that you are having fun,
Dipping up and twirling 'round,
Bouncing once we touch the ground,

Beanie Babies and Cinderella,
The Power Rangers and Cruella,
Animorphs and Austin Powers,
And those girls that look like flowers,

Museums and Amusement Parks,
Waterfalls and blue tree bark,
Thinking plants and talking rocks,
And funny puppies wearing socks,

Small balloons and tiny bubbles,
Bearded monkeys making trouble,
Can you see red elephants?
They look so funny wearing pants,

Houses with blue window shades,
Horses in the barn with maids,
Kittens with their earrings on,
Puffy puppets with gold battons,

Sugar cookies on ribbon and string,
A turkey who wants to learn to sing,
Grass as blue as any pigeon,
Chairs you can't move a smidgeon,

Can you see those daffodils,
Running, jumping up those hills,
Buttons, baskets, shoes and socks,
Keys that go around chasing locks,

Clouds and sunshine in your hair,
Soda pop and dreams to share,
Up and down and all around,
We roll and fall onto the ground,

Take my hand, now hold on tight,
Soon our dream will fade from sight,
Eyes grow tired, out comes a yawn,
We make our bed out on the lawn,

We fill our minds with the day we've had,
Never pout or feel sad,
It will start over when we wake,
They are our own, the days we make,

Memories are born and raised,
Of pleasure in so many ways,
We dream and love, learn and grow,
And pass along all that we know,

So Little Fish, O'friend of mine,
Simply live and take your time,
Dreams are magic and just for you,
All your life they help you through,

Be kind and gentle, strong and true,
Make many friends to share with you,
Hold hands, skip stones, count the stars,
Learn to paint or play guitar,

Hold fast and breathe along the path,
Sing a song and learn to laugh,
Tie your shoes upside down,
Never let me see you frown.

I wrote this for my sons M and J
when they were very small.

by Victoria Gauci

Comments (4)

''Good Job! '' (You have the talent)
I really like this one Herbert! Very nice. Sincerely, Mary
I love this poem....Very original - The talent is you certanily...
It always shines through in the end Herbert, as does your tribute, to keep on keeping on. 10 from Taiesque poet.