MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Talents (1)

God’s Promise from His throne on high
Has come to us as guest
He brings us talents none can buy
Through which the bride is blessed

The world may hide her treasures rare
In vaults so dark as night
But we the church are meant to share
Our talents in The Light

Talents in Christ are His alone
That none should ever boast
These precious gifts we have on loan
Through Jesus’ Holy Ghost

For lifting up His name on earth
Like eagles on the wing
Helping others to second birth
To glorify The King

Through Christ, we bring such deeds about
Through talents God will give
We’ll help the blind those lost in doubt
And teach them how to live

With Jesus’ gifts, we can arise
The world outside to tell
In Truth we’ll open doubtful eyes
To save from death and hell

“Go shine inside the darkest place”
God spoke with upheld hand
“Through gifts and talents laced with grace
Children will understand”

So those with gifts in Christ beware
Heed well what Truth will say
What now you have, yet still won’t share
The Lord may take away…

by Michael P. Johnson

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