======tales Of Woe======

Poem By micheal udenyi

My songs of sorrow and tales of woe
now sings melodiously in the ears of my foes
lip to lip and ear to ear they laugh as I sink
for not a soul in my favour would blink

I have travelled each and every highways
in search of greener pastures but had only dark days
I ran to the East but was pushed to the West
North and South would not shelter my bones; be I first

I hid beneath the to be sheltered by its branches
but there was no hope even in churches
I climbed to the tree top but on the ground landed
left alone to die on the seashore stranded

I toiled on the soil, cultivated and harvested
only to find my crops pest infested
I turned to the East but the rising sun burnt me
I ran to the West at sunset but darkness blindfolded me

I pleaded with the weather but the South rain hjad me drenched
I walked with the North but the heat and thirst I had not quenched
I went into the jungle but the beasts gnarled at me
resigned to fate, i said ''what will be will be''

Just then, I beheld glimmering and shimmering a divine favour
heavenly wage fopr my intense labour

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