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Talk Back With 'Tude
( / Connecticut)

Talk Back With 'Tude

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

How does one explain things?
Like a naturalness known from birth.
Or having an ability to do something done...
It may take others time to digest and rehearse.

And how should one react,
To a compliment given?
Sometimes saying just thank you...
A frowning reception comes with that.
As if something else is expected,
To be said next.

How does one respond,
To questions asked since 'birth'?
'Are you still doing what you did before?
Or are you still making up your mind...
Trying to find yourself? '

And if that person should say,
'I've been doing what I do.
And I've been doing that everyday! '
Some folks are prone to scan from head to toe...
As if they detect sarcasm,
To an answer that is truthfully something they did not know!

And the person scanned from head to do...
Becomes continually disrespected,
Since they give the impression
Something done they do,
Is secretly hidden from those who gossip...
Awaiting fresh news.
But only the sameness they get!

Aint nothing different!
I've been doing this since I've learned how to walk.
And talk back with 'tude! '

You need to come down to Earth.
And stop trying to be something you're not.~

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Fantastic this dude with a tude......10er