AD (2/24/1990 / Syocett, NY)

Talk To Me

I'm right here with an open ear
Waiting to hear what you've got to say.
But you won't talk to me anymore.
What's different than before?
Please, just tell me what's going on.
I can't stand to see you in pain, it drives me insane!
Don't you see why it's me
Here by your side whle you try to hide,
Trying to deny, crying inside
Because you're sad, and it hurts so bad,
While I try to ease the pain inside your brain
Before it breaks in two? I'm here because I care for you.
I'm always here, lending my ear,
Or my shoulder,
Whatever will help crush this boulder
Of pain in your way.
Rely on me and soon you'll see
What I say is true.
I'd do anything for you,
Because i love you.
Isn't that what friends do?

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