PTL (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Talkin' Nau Dorm Blues

Sittin here smokin a cig
With nothin better to do
Goin back to work tomorrow
Crackin jokes with the rest of the crew

My roommate's a short haired Christian youth
Though he seems like a nice fellow
Apathetic as to what his politics are
Long as he's somewhat laid back and mellow

Chicks at the front desk dig me
I certainly can't complain
If I make their day and talk with em
I got nothin to lose and somethin to gain

Broad at the party last night
We had a little fun
Nothin sexual, just flirtin
But I blush, cuz she's fifty one!

Gettin dark now
I must squint to see
I'm feelin so happy cuz
Even though I ain't ramblin, I'm free

Grateful Dead, ahh Grateful Dead
Jammin to their album Europe '72
Movin my head to the music
Wouldn't you?

Sweatin like a preacher in a whore house
Takin my shirt off
Lightin up another Marlboro
Tryin not to cough

I stare up at the blue sky with my blue eyes
But I don't feel blue inside
Not even cravin alcohol
A sickness I do despise

At least there's one other hippy
In this semi quiet southwestern dorm
With our long hair and peace symbols
Him and I ain't the norm

A girl giggles and waves at me
Twice more women here than guys, a swell bargain
I smile and wave back
Smoke bellows out of me like a dragon

Sharin a drink called lonliness
Is better'n drinkin alone
That line from an old Billy Joel song
Rings true; it's shown

Reckon now I'll leave this paper
There's no more sunlight
This didn't end up bein a talkin blues
Much to my delight

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Good poem Paul the last line in the 2nd verse was a bit of a wincer though! lol So was 51! lol tut tut, you older womaniser you! rofl, gives me hope! 'Sweatin like a preacher in a whore house' made me laugh a lot. You are some cowboy Paul! Those marlboro's are killers, stop smoking em! springs to mind, you are too young to be coughing. I found the whole poem funny but also a little cringey, it needs work, lots of it. It is a very long poem and speed written. I enjoyed it anyway, good to know you are enjoying life. Smiling at you, not smoking a marlboro! Tai