Talking Points.

Many shops and firms have introduced
a points system to attract customers
by offeringrewards if you spend
a certain amount of money with them.
Points cards for customer loyalty
are a welcome addition to the marketplace,
addingdrama to the transactions,
in which the customer has nothing to lose.
I have bought only two things from Fly Buys,
a music DVD and an alarm- clock-radio,
inexpensive but still valuable to me.
It takes a long time to take off with Fly Buys.
A supermarket gives out a Smart Fuel Card
to use at petrol stations and get a useful discount.
A department store I know, which sells furniture
and other expensive items, is more rigorous, requiring
two thousand points for a twenty-dollar discount.
Pharmacies and health shops give healthy
price reductions on their loyalty cards
and I believe in their tablets across the board.
I carry aroundloyalty cards in my wallet
all the time, as every dollar counts.

-6/7 August,2017.

by Michael Walker

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Nice write on discount rewards which attract people to shop more. ++10
A nice and vivid picture you have given in shopping and discount rewards. Gorgeous one. Thanks.