Talking To A Handful Of Bananas

Choosing to dismiss warnings,
With comments made and the giving of clues...
There will be many who will stay defiant,
In the keeping of their false beliefs.
No matter if historically it is proven to them,
They have been led down a path to locate something...
For them that does not or has not ever existed.
And this is understandable.
Only a few have escaped from the act of hoodwinking.

It's like trying to prevent a teenager from entering into a mall.
Or keeping worshippers in a church from having a bake sale.
It is pointless to make attempts to pry away these fixtures,
That have cemented themselves in minds.
And warning someone not to overdo what is done,
Because it eventually will mentally and physically confine...
Can be compared to talking to a handful of bananas.
And getting debatable results for the effort one finds,
Will be found to be time consuming.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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