Qasidat Al-Burda / Chapter Ten

Concerning the seeking of salvation and the requisition of necessities
Most generous of mankind, I have no one to take refuge in
Except you at occurrence of widespread calamity.
And O messenger of Allah, your exalted status will not diminish, because of me intercession on my behalf
When most Bountiful Allah Ta'alaa will manifest Himself by the name of the punisher.
For verily amongst your bounties is this world, and the hereafter.
And part of your knowledge is knowledge of the Preserved Tablet Lowh, and the Pen.
O my soul do not become despondent due to your grievous sins.
Verily major sins when pardoned are minor.
Perhaps the mercy of my Lord when distributed.,
Would be distributed in proportion to the sins.
O my Lord Sustainer! Make my hopes, not unfulfilled.
By you, and make my reckoning of deeds not destructive.
Be kind to Your Servant in both the worlds, for verily his
Patience, when called upon by hardships calamities, runs away.
So order clouds of blessings salutations from you perpetually.
Upon Nabi abundantly and gently
And upon his family his Sahabah, then upon those who follow them.
The people of piety, knowledge, clemency and generosity.
Then be pleased with Abu-bakr and Omar.
And Ali and Uthman, the people of nobility.
As long as the easterly breeze makes the branches of cypress rustle.
And as long as the camel riders make their camels march with the enchanting songs.

by Sharafuddeen Al-Busairi

Comments (9)

The poet's grief has a personality.Levertov definitely captures the transience and individuality of grief and turns it into a company.
I really love how she gave her grief a personality, how she showed us that THIS grief was hers and nobody else's
No doubt grief is the dependable companion of human beings that is a neighbor next door. Heartiest Congrats on the modern POD.
The poetry of Denise Levertov is a poetry of suffering in equilibrium while wanting 'to show that violence has become an everyday occurrence.' She personifies this grief in order to prove that we can coexist with it. She's not passive, but she has an original method to fight for life through grief and this is so beautifully expressed through her poetry.
How would one recognize and entertain joy, if one doesn't know what grief is. Grief being part of life has to be cared and managed like an obedient dog in one's own den. An Excellent metaphoric expression. Thanks for sharing the thought provoking poem. X
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