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Talking To The Mirror
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

Talking To The Mirror

I’m watching you not making it
I’m looking at the hopes that are barely there
Tell me where do you find the courage
To depart from the rest?
To being you and failing outsiders’ expectations?

You’re slipping away
I wonder if the light has ever shone on you
That little light that showers your pretty face,
To make you think you’re not alone,
To hallucinate you with things you know you cannot have.

Every time you feel like losing it,
Does it come to you?
Do the stars pray for you,
When you dial the emergency number?

It’s breaking me to see that tears
Flowing down like it forms part of you
And when you breathe, the words bounce back to yourself
How can you not say nobody cares?

It makes me cry to see you battling hard
With the crowd who could not care less
With the other world you’re temporarily visiting
And come back only to realize that,
Reality bites harder than any weapons you know.

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