Talking To The Rain

Today, I find myself again,
Talking to the rain!
I asked it about your whereabouts
And it did not say anything!

I saw it majestically
Showering the Earth
With its magic touch
While the flowers were happy
To see it coming!

I asked it about you again
But it still ignored me,
Giving me the impression
That it was really jealous!

Time passed by rapidly
And it kept its silence
Like trying to say:
'What do I care about her'?
'It is none of my business'!

I got suspicious
When I saw it moving
Back and fourth hesitant
Without realizing that
It was dancing with
Nothing more than the wind!

Now, here I am motionless,
Soaking wet waiting for you,
My golden sunshine!
Please, hurry up
And come to me!

(c) All rights reserved-2014
New York City

by Romeo Della Valle

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