For Jesus Is The Light.

There's sunshine in my soul today,
more glorious and bright,
the glowe in any earthly sky,
for jesus is my light,
when the peaceful, happy moments roll,
there is sunshine in the soul,

Tthere's music in my soul today,
a carol to my king,
and jesus listening can hear the songs,
I can not sing,
there's sunshine in my soul.

There's springtime in my soul today,
for we the lord is near,
the dove of peace sings in my heart,
the flowers of grace appear,
when the peaceful, happy moments roll,
there is sun shine in the soul.

There's gladness in my soul today,
and hope and praise and love,
for blessings which he gives me now,
for joy laid up above,
there's sun shine blessed in my soul.

by Djean Whitney

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Sweet kindness
I really like this poem it is the story of mind
😎 I’m cyrus and I love the way the poems set out
What an idiot. Turkeys are just dumb birds with no ability to reason or cogitate in an abstract sense.
Benjamin, though I confess to eating meat (and although my explanation is that homo sapiens is an omnivore, I understand and respect and admire the views of vegetarians) , I absolutely LOVE your poem. I am animal-crazy in spite of not being a vegetarian. I have so often said that if only humans could rise to the level of civilisation of Vervet monkeys, what a wonderful world we would have. You put your point across so superbly (in all the poems of yours that I have read) in the most effective (in the strongest sense of the word) way. Wrapping up your point in humour, humanity, logic, and extremely clever, benevolent persuasive strategy is the way to do it. I read your biography in Poemhunter and am thrilled and in awe that you don’t bury your talents, but spread their blessings far and wide. Thank you for that. You had me sold as an avid reader and great admirer of your poetry after reading your first poem,5 poems ago in the early hours of this South African morning, and with each subsequent one. I am disappointed, however, that there are only 20 poems and I thus have only 15 more to read (as a first reading of them) . When I was 7 and my mother went on a 7 week cruise, I was farmed off to a great-aunt with a poultry farm. I was an extremely well-behaved, obedient child who always ate (and liked) whatever was put on my plate. However, I had met and had long conversations with all of the poultry on the farm, and politely refused to eat my friends, and was perfectly happy to eat only vegetables. However, my great-aunt took me to the butcher shop in the nearest village and bought chicken for me so that I didn’t have to eat only vegetables. She had some explaining to do to the butcher who knew that she had a poultry farm. You will be happy to know that it isn’t a tradition to eat turkey for Christmas dinner. We usually have a cold lunch because Christmas is in the middle of our summer, though I have to admit that we do have cold meats as part of it. Thank you for your glorious poetry. It is a breath of fresh air. I am uplifted by it for multiple reasons. 'Dis (truly) poetry'!
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