Daskalos And The Demon

The Demon escaped from the
bottle in Daskalos’ private
sanctum, looking like a satyr
from myth – dark green with

red eyes - and horn-like
protrusions on his forehead
Daskalos and the Demon became
affectionate friends – and

Daskalos explained: Demons
are archangelic emanations
in the opposite side of
existence, creating the

realms of separateness -
it’s fine with me, I am
happy with the nice green
demon visiting Daskalos…

Colin Wilson “Beyond the Occult” p.308

by Margaret Alice

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Mary, XXXX (4ex) is full strength B E E R! Best H
I LOVE A SUNBURNT COUNTRY A LAND OF SWEEPING PLAINS great little social piece on the foils and foibles of men AJS
Yes, you portray this community of people as peaceful and content. I also like your openness regarding the wrongs suffered by the indigenous people at the hands of white settlers. Everyday images that present the contrasting pictures so unmissably. Warm regards with a score of 9, Gina.
Well, it sounds like their life is alot less stressful.....doesn't sound half-bad to me. :) Nice little glimpse into another culture Herbert. Sincerely, Mary
If this situation works for those depicted, so be it! It is best to know 'where' we are and 'who' we are 'with' before we 'assume' the environment warrants an 'assessment! ' Nice poem! Says much about perceptions we have embedded from locality and comfort!