Tamara Princess Of Satira

I walk; carry the weight of the sands, dust particles of gold
Beneath, lay the tomb, resurrected in chamber of seven
Headed snake, guarding the abandoned soul of Princess Tamara
From Hanaring, the city of guardian angel

Her eyes full of killer’s instinct, bewildered with terror
Her walk creates the sound of ancient Jazz, symphonized
By the ruthless pharaohs, costumed in satire silk
When the moon shines on her flawless black hair,
An unwanted eclipse, overshadows every man’s heart

Zanatic climbs on every mind that sleeps
With velvet dream, wet by salty lips
The beat of drums, summoned by rushes of adrenalin
Ruins mellow hearts, starving for infinite orgasms
Hurricane halts, as Tamara blows her exile away
And drifting right to the laps of Prince Charming

City of Hanaring, once again echoed with satirical harp
That trounces and trances the lost souls, drown
In the river of Babylon
“Tamara, Tamara, Tamara, the Fauna and Flora,
Princess of Satira”
The royalties and commoners, chanting
“Hanaring is no longer crying, but dancing”

Prince Charming kneels before her
With jagged smile and a husky voice, he utters
“I’m here to feed your soul, with my gray heart
That turns red, when fed by yours”

In a brisk lightning of serenade vows
Murmur in silence pale
From dusk to dawn
Even Vampires, cease drinking blood
In respect of the Twosome
Tamara from Hanaring
The roaring...…
And the Prince Charming

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (167)

This is amazing. I absolutely love it :)
Nice naming: Tamara Princess of Satira. I like that... and the poem is great too. Thanks.
sounds great dude...you've got a talent that could never be questioned
A very intense, romantic poem.
passionate when read feeling that i was tamara who's love is so be on those who see her
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