Tamara The Sequel

The dried leaves cripple, lifeless,
Stomped underneath his restless feet
Open the path to the falling waters
Visible through naked eyes,
So arrogant
Spread its wings, like Garuda
Tons of sounds, fall into
The river, where Tamara unleashes her voluptuous
Flesh, for the Sun to glimpse with a smile

Her mountainous breasts, tremor
Whenever it touch the cold water
Breathlessness has captured the Prince
Amid the brisk walk he endures
To find the fortress that seals thousands
Of secrets, concealing her well kept beauty

He looks up to the blue sky
Whispers to scores of Hummingbirds
“Hey buddies, lead me to the Princess,
And I’ll make you, a Kingdom”
The Hummingbirds unhesitant
Lead him to the Hanging Garden of Babylon
Like walking into a dream that never ends
Pink Primrose, Mountain Laurel, Hellebores,
Hydrangea, Persimmon and Glory Lily
Her smell is like those flowers

The Hummingbirds sing to him
“Tamara wants you to scratch her back,
Scratch her back, scratch her back,
And she’ll scratch yours”
With laughter that drums up
His heart beat, Prince Charming
Runs his way through the enchanting waters
Naked, he kisses Princess Tamara, who is
Forever more, wants to die in his arms

Heavy tears, dropp from the sky above
Flooding the two souls, vanish
Into ecstasy,
A lifetime gift
They are the priceless gems
Almandine Garnet, Chrome Tourmaline,
Larimar, Peridot, Rhodochrosite
They are those gems

Morning dews sizzle, panoramically
As the couple, dance
In the bed of Roses
Where sigh and moan
Attunes, without hindrance
Their breaths perspire profusely
Legs tremble like tambourine
The bed reads maximum Richter scale
They say love is a many splendid things
They are history

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (109)

Interesting poem, thank you for sharing....................10++++++++++
Loved it. Does justice to describe another place, another time.
Hello, no wonder you will really appreciate my poem Making Love'. And have you read my Illicit Love.Beware? Romance? Almost all my poems expressing passion, runs like yours. Maybe we have the same waves of poetry. This poem of yours express too much love, aside from desire, which was very visually seen by the creative minds. if you are the character of the prince charming, your love is great, full of passion... Good interpretation.. Very well written!
Eroticism is rarely done justice, even with as many plaintiff words one might carry for their defense. However, you have by far come closer to reeling in the most bountiful and tremendous joys a poet can ever have.... Seeing his work ripple through others as it does you. Lovely little piece, it sent ripples quite marvelously.
It's wonderful writing. You bring the story alive and suceed in capture all the detail into view. tks for sharing
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