Tamborine Man

Poem By James Waters

I beat my tambourine
On the corner everyday
To earn a scrap of coin
And send my message on its way

My words are very simple
Love your fellow man
Regardless of his color
Black or white, red or tan

Remember those we’ve lost
The sacrifices made
Hold them deep in your heart
Let not their memory fade

Give thanks for all you have
For some have not a thing
With a gift of love
You’ll make a poor heart sing

Be proud of who you are
An American through and through
Act with honor and humility
In everything you do

Give thanks to our lord almighty
For the blessings he bestows
Act as he would act throughout the seasons
And watch as good cheer grows

I beat my tambourine
On this corner every day
Singing words of inspiration
And wiping tears away

Comments about Tamborine Man

excellent tribute to your countrymen. worth the 10 I gave you. check out some of mine sometime, thanx
I can just see him on the corner playing for pennies. There is a song called Mr Bojangles and this puts me in mind of it. T

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