I'm pissed
Melting honey
At my finger tips
I can almost taste how sweet it is
I reach out far
But never enough
Whats good for you
And what you want
Never seem to stay in touch

Let's go find that paradise please
Because right here
I'm weak in the knees
And now my eyes refuse to gaze
At anything outside of this field of haze
So I lie here defeated
As the day's spin around
A big hole in your heart
With no piece to be found

What did I do
To deserve this sentence
When all I did
was peek over the edge
of loves innate attribute of innocence
Who's the one who gets to say
It's good for you
Or stay away
Why is my love like cocaine
High is high and when it's gone
Only pain

I'm throwing a fit
And in this moment
Not something I'm ashamed to admit
I can't even breathe out
To let it go
Inside I refuse to loose my hold

But in my heart
I know it's true
Something has to change
I can't stay blue
There's a truer call
That's calling
I'm running to it
Tripping over my feet and falling
I can barely dance to the beat anymore
I'm stalling

But when you grow
Nothing of value is lost
An old perspective is the only cost
And letting go of a part of you
To make space for something
fresh and new
At first never seems to feel quite right
But you won't even have a chance
If you don't release your grip and give up the fight

by Mellisa Salazar

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