Anger-The Feeling

eating away at me
eating away at all I’ve worked to keep in control
letting lose all I’ve kept quiet
freeing everything I kept bottled up all these years
freeing the beast from within

by Scarlet .....

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i like to go from poem to poem to strictly convey each of the messages in the wriiteen formula. i think this poem is overated to which the person hasnt seen true death until theyve seen an orgy with half miggets pass out and choke on therre vomit, this is true death and loss in that when you the dead bodies all the buzz is gone and you cant tell if you had a good time or not. plus police usually check dead bodies for in an orgy so everyone goes to jail
i like to read this sort of poetry it's good to see someone like myself that has been brutally raped by a dog and has the guts to still express their deep depression and fetishes i sometimes wish i wasn't raped by a whippet but i am proud that it has made me into the person i am today much from me in your sexually orientations inl ife cher.
don't insalt greatness
long though
.........a fabulous poem, words cannot do this poem justice ★
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