Taming A Tamed Heart

There is a soul so untrusting yet so eager to love
Troubled with veiled images of a gloomy past
A vulnerable tamed heart with a timid soul
This sad drifter has captured my fascination

A mere smile is a total seduction
A simple wave is a provocative move
Blinded with passion and the color of red
He can not tell rubies from crystals or sapphires

His emotions are as brittle as that of an egg shell
An incorrect signal can mean a self-aimed wrath
Watching him angered my heart twinges in pain
All I see a misdirected angel with a superficial ire

How do you tame a tamed heart?
Is his love real or just another imaginary fiction
Can a broken heart really mend itself to love?
With a pain so hot can a love make the fire subside?

Such a fragile heart deserves a tender love
A heart that will keep on beating even when broken
Strong wings that will protect him from strong winds
And a love of a mother that will nurture him to healing

by Kay Barcelon

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