Taming A Woman's Heart

Tell me of what use
Is man’s conquest of the moon
If he cannot unravel the mystery
Of a woman’s mind
He might as well traverse
The path of the earth
Or count the sands of the sea
For no other purpose
Than to boast of its futility
May it be known to men
That all pursuits herein
No matter how lofty
Shall in no way surpass
The triumph of winning
And the victory of taming
A woman’s heart

by Jemarie Ragudo

Comments (5)

Original. powerful imagery. i'm really enjoying reading your work!
let me answer..about man's quest of the moon...but before that..let me slip the pillow that divide.....
Men cannot. He speaks a different language, and he is too stubborn. But then again, this is why women love them. I like your ideas, and imagine the money we'd save... except at all those shopping trips we'll take the men on while trying to tame us. Hey, we have to get something out of this too. Love it! Lee
Quite true and excellent expression of a notion. I think only those men whom women got married to were able to unravel the mystery ' of a woman mind... and feeling' so to speak. Its a masterpiece, indeed! . Highest marks madam.
Brillant....Bravo! .....I'm just going to stop there to avoid all the cliques that do hold true to this masterful piece.....speaking here from that women's heart: O)