Tangled Mind

With a tangled mind, I think of you,
wondering just why, my dreams don't come true,
is it because I try too hard, to give my love away,
or is it that love for me, was never meant to stay,
my tangled mind can't comprehend, why love for me goes wrong,
now I can see, why country music, has so many sad, sad songs,
they sing about their broken hearts and dreams that might have been,
but, deep inside they know that soon, they will love again,
while my tangled mind keeps churning, inside my aching head,
and tells me that without your love, I might as well be dead,
I don't need the booze, and neon lights, to ease my tangled mind,
I just need the love I lost, and the one I left behind,
there may come a day, when love for me, I'll find,
with skies of blue and a love that's true,
then, I will lose my tangled mind.

by Harry Bryant

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Thanks for sharing, cant wait to read more. - shannon