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Tangled Up In Thoughts

I don’t feel anything no more
I did give up to quick
Just waiting till the light shines through
And guides me to that perfect you
Who is he I don’t even know
Haven’t found that someone after all
How I wish for him to show
To end my sorrow and move on
I thought I had him in my hands
The one that would protect me
But now I feel my confused soul
Is planning to reject him
It was there but now it’s gone
A connection that grew on and on
Those charming words and glances
My memory entirely erased
Like vines my thoughts are tangled up
So strong, not letting me break through
My reasoning like oceans over flowing
With millions of things to say
A different feelings and emotion
Flashes at the moment of each breath
My lungs so full of fresh sensations
As I deeply fight with in
The dizziness, the beating of my heart
Reminds me that I’m still alive
Surprising screams deep down my soul
Unbalanced shaking of my hands
Emotions spill as unexpected bursting lava
As my conflicts rush through me
I wish my thoughts were clear skies
As clean as calming wind
I wish to be so empty, paused
To let myself inhaling a full breath
But yet I still live on with thoughts
Trying to feel nothing from now on

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This is one's my favourite so far Angelina, coming straight from your heart. I love it. -C.Candea