I'm sending you a kiss for each
that came my way and I could reach.
That makes a thousand now, with ease
but could send a million please?
Soon, if you're game, we'll have inflation
which calls for one big celebration.
To count each kiss we need to hover,
in bed, and under cotton cover,
there, we would place each with great care
onto the skin (it must be bare) ,
the one who places must keep track
of the reaction, front or back.
Then, other regions are explored
and, once again, the tally scored.
A time-consuming task it is
and in the end, I'll be your wiz,
and you are mine if you desire,
by then our loins may be on fire.
I am a trifle lazy, sweet
however, I will touch your feet
and work my way to all your zones,
through hills and valleys, funny bones
and secret places, dry or wet
I praise the moment when we met.
I say let's tangle, you and me
and squeeze our way to harmony.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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