Marooned Mariner

Marooned in the island of loneliness
Shadows of delusion confront me
In a stormy sea, I got ship wrecked
And the sea has robbed everything from me
What unanticipated change comes over
When people let one down
What shocking realization it is
To know that there is nobody around to care

I am now a drying brook
That has once been a river in spate
A deflated balloon, unable to soar high
A blind bird that cannot see a dawn
Nor sing a song to wake the sleeping world
I bear scars like the deep cuts
On an ill maintained tarmac road

Vacantly I look into the far horizon
When the broken shards of moonlight
Paint pictures of dark demons around me
As a bird that with nightfall returns
To a tree to call out its solitude to the stars
I sit here alone, alone, alone,
Not knowing to whom shall I call out!
Will the stars keep me company?
Tomorrow should I go into exile or wake up
With the hope that my pain will go into remission
And my frozen inside will thaw by itself in time

by Valsa George

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