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Tantamount Oppositions
RC (8/3/89 / Fresno, CA)

Tantamount Oppositions

Poem By Rafael Cazares

Must the protagonist always win?
Is the moral always taught by the noble?

An antagonist, in the eyes of the many,
is led in by greed, and selfishness,
Predestined to meet his
own self-destruction.

But I oppose such presuppositions.
I declare the winner
by he who values their values most.

You claim to understand evil,
but you've been fed the ideals of the old epochs.
These contestants,
These two colossal twin towers,
both chase victories to bask
In the shower of their own glory.

They hold the
Same Desires
Dressed in
Opposite Attires
Red-Blood Diamonds
Both Lay Beautifully.

Embrace them.

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i loved the way it all flowed, i just wasn't sure exactly what it was about.