Tap That Rock

To see a motivating movie
To sing an inspirational song
To hear encouraging words
From even the simplest of someone
Tap That Rock.

To develope or establish
The deepest characters of life.
To stimulate whats prevalent
To elevate you from your night
Tap That Rock.

To distinguish higher altitudes
To dissociate above the world.
To show whats already there
More precious than the purest pearl
Tap That Rock.

No one can ever take it
No one can ever control.
The depth of your beauty
Within the talent of your soul
Tap That Rock.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (2)

wow...like ' The Rocky Horror Picture Show'... dosen't it just make u wanna jump to ur left! ! ! heheheh awsomeest poem..good insperation. one of the keeper. ^_^ good days to u!
You poem makes me feel like dancing! 10 it is! :) - Laur xo