Tapestry Of Travesties

An unfortunate mindset,
Protected and beset...
By an ignorance kept to spread,
Has torn a quilted fabric apart.
With an indifference intended,
To bring attention to this senselessness.
As a soliciting of it starts.

Truth unfaced and attempted to erase,
Brings together those unable...
To stabilize their insecurities.
With a wish to do exactly,
Whatever it is they choose and please.
And do.
With an unrestricted pursuing.

Believing themselves entitled,
By a re-writing of history.
Although many are discovering their beliefs,
Have been tampered over time...
With a finding themselves deceived.
And this revelation begins to blow their minds.

But too late it is to reverse these caricatures,
Of parodies knitted successfully.
That affix permanently with perfect embroidery.
Within a tapestry of travesties familiar.
To now have revealed,
An upfront honesty kept for centuries concealed.

Opposed to this disclosure,
Are those already in a self hatred mode.
Showing a contempt and a disrespect,
For their own lives to despise.
And yet those who have been victimized,
Are expected to accept as if the doing protects...
Wishes and dreams and prayers,
They've been longing to have answered.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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