The Veteran

When I was young and bold and strong,
Oh, right was right, and wrong was wrong!
My plume on high, my flag unfurled,
I rode away to right the world.
"Come out, you dogs, and fight!" said I,
And wept there was but once to die.

But I am old; and good and bad
Are woven in a crazy plaid.
I sit and say, "The world is so;
And he is wise who lets it go.
A battle lost, a battle won-
The difference is small, my son."

Inertia rides and riddles me;
The which is called Philosophy.

by Dorothy Parker

Comments (2)

I found the poem hauntingly accurate in what seemed like an ordinary accounting of events. C.K. Williams captured what I imagine to be the essence of an elderly persons take on what was really happening during the Thre Mile fiasco.
This poem is great and also is a great aquieter of rumors fastly sent due to a well known and well publicized catastrophe in the modern world and it's newspaper headlines. Such inTENse writing. God bless all poets-MJG