And may I ask you now,
to keep, as from today
a chair next to your bed?
Reserved for me, of course,
should ever come the time
when darkness comes
dressed as Senora Noce,
and digs its bony fingers
inside the sanctuary of
your featherbed, my girl.

I shall be ready then,
at your command, just yell,
I'll dropp the dregs of life
and take my rightful place
there, next to you, my sweet.
I'll count your dream like breaths
and watch the rouge
upon your cheeks compete
with ruby lips that glisten
and lashes well aflutter.

Leave all the things to me!
No devils will come near
as long as I can sit with you,
I am your guard, not for the night
but for the life of you and me,
and, like a father to your soul
if you'll feel safer I will hold
both of your living hands in mine.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (7)

Herbert, this is heartwarming and deeply loving, which is no less than darling Tara deserves. To her and to you.
With this sort of love and kindness (more) , one ought never to feel bereft... Love to you both for who you are.
What a lovely poem for Tara...beautifully written...so strong and sure. Hugs, Dee
this is absolutely beautiful, makes me wish for my very own Herbert :) I hope you feel better soon Tara ~ you have friends near ~kelly
A very protective fatherly poem of love for Tara Herbert, we could all do with a gaurdian such as you. I am jealous! lol just a little. A great poem, the flow and language melded together in perfect harmony. Smiling at you, Tai
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