Do you remember an Inn,
Do you remember an Inn?
And the tedding and the spreading

by Hilaire Belloc Click to read full poem

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This is very well developed. It must never run out the taste of time
I learnt this in Primary school, word perfect, and can still recite it word perfect at age 70, so it obviously stuck in my mind
Wonderful poem. Abysmal recital.
Tarantella, a Southern Italian fast paced folk dance is far North in the Pyrenees. Belloc uses the dance as a metaphor for life. Could see this poem becoming popular at funerals.
Loved this poem. Learnt it 60 years ago when I wa ten.I can still recite it without missing a beat.
Spanish dancer Rainer Maria Rilke
Dad was fond of reciting this to us as kids, with that deep sonorous, Victorian intonation used by poets of the day. Utterly memorable and the more remarkable for the fact the author was born in France.
Memories of my school days when I was first introduced to Hillaire Belloc
So wonderful to remember my high school days through this poem. I was in high school many years ago,1986-88, but I remember the words and the rythm.
I love your poems I did a competition on the poem Jim
All time classic
Good poem embellished in good devices of sound and rhythmic effect.. Sylva-Uba
Beautiful piece of poetry elegantly brought forth in good rhyme scheme.
(Tarantella by Hilaire Belloc.) **Author enjoying some giddy reflections.
I don't how but this poem ever since I read it has created some sought of music rhythm in my mind, so repetitive.I love it!
I learned this poem as a 15year old in school. I loved it then and still remember it. I think I fell in love with the Flemenco dancer, Miranda. Miranda and Carmen, two beautiful, wonderful women. I'm still in love with both, , hahah!
I've just heard that Miranda was actually a general and the song is about a brothel full of soldiers - I can't tell you how disappointed I am! This information is from Robin Tritschler, tenor speaking about a recital of songs by Richard Hagemann in Belfast. I've just re-read the poem again and prefer to think of it as an unorthodox romantic jaunt with Miranda being the Muse, however! Perhaps we have our own imaginings and they are as valid - and the song is wonderful evocation of an unorthodox Spain of memory....
Very entertaining poem. Enjoyed it.
Makes me think of Spain in another century...very picturesque poem..
A beautiful poem with good word power and remembrances.