(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

Task Of The Shepherd

N-eglect not the gigantic task
O-f the shepherd of the flock;
E-ach minute is not put to waste,
L-ife is ahead of the clock.

B-ig task of the shepherd
A-ims to feed the hungry;
L-etting the sheepfold eat,
O-n the twentieth of January.
L-et the great and divine duty
O-pen man's mind to God's word;
N-ever forget to fulfill the huge,
G-argantuan task of the shepherd.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (1)

Each of us is a shepherd to one another. It is our responsibility to bring the lost sheep to the fold of the flock. A good acrostic poem. Nudershada