Tastless Buds

In her eyes I saw an inflaming scorch of desire,
So I sow the seeds of passion in her garden,
A liaison I engaged in,
Without realizing the wickedness that leaked within her,

The longing that sent me into a lustful seizure,
Arose from the fiery aura that her body conjured,
The lust that dripped from my lips,
Arose from the spark of her hips.

Not for one moment,
Did I lament,
For she had me under a spell,
Who was I to tell?

Her very words sunk deeper than the titanic,
Her touch could sink deeper to the softest depth of a lunatic,
But why didn’t I stop to think,
Before I gave her a wink.

How could I have known?
No flower would unfurl from her buds,
Only emptiness lay within her most sacred,
Oh! I spit to the thought of venturing into that forbidden temple,
Ever since I have been vanquished,
By the similar forces,
That bind two different human beings in unison.

The bullets from my gun no longer roam with a fiery urge,
To seize the coveted realm of sweetness,
The only sound that comes from my gun,
Is an empty click,
A painful moan of defeat,
While she just looks and laughs in her seat,
Wondering what sort of person,
Would be stupid enough to swim naked in the Amazon,
I was, don’t be.

by Peter Gumbo

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Great and very creative, i have the poem hanged onto my wall. great piece of work.