I see in my minds' eye, a frightened,
little girl;
she lingers in my memories, and
dwells within my world.

I am able to hear her thoughts,
and I know just how she feels;
and even if no one can see her,
to me she is very real.

I've shared in the tears she's cried,
from the abuse we both endured;
yet we are separate people, living
in our own little world.

She comes to me each night, when
my heart begins to race;
from the fear that filled my childhood,
and she gives me a warm embrace.

'It will be alright', she softly
whispers in my ear;
'They are all gone now, so you have
nothing to fear'.

Yet even though I know this, the
fear returns at my bedtime;
it taunts me as if it were saying,
'You'll never feel safe at night'.

by Ruth warren

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