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Tax To High
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Tax To High

Poem By Deborah Danso

Slave to the government.
They whip us and beat us.
Eat our wages with their tax.
They put VAT to our food, and clothes.
So high to squeeze our pockets dry.
We can't afford the place we live.
Some of us are forced to sleep on the streets.
We can't afford to eat, some of us starve.
Waiting for the hunger to rot our bodies.
Our families probably can't afford,
if you sent us to a grave.
The rich are cheering!
Living in luxury, closing the door to us.
And have all the wealth of their country.
We suffer for their debt, we suffer cos that's their plan.
It's a grave sin for the people in high places to be in.
Full of greed, storing up stolen wealth.
It's so sad, it affects our health,
And a shame for people; who do this.
God knows who there are.
Judgement will be upon them.

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